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Art and technology walk together. NeoWise VR has been creating VR, AR, web, blockchain and nfts in the fields of marketing, culture and education. Our heritage is there to make us imagine our Future better.
From a piece of marble to the new horizons of technologies, we want to make incredible works making people speechless and entertained around the world.
Our collective is formed by artists, photographers, designers and developers with different backgrounds in order to produce high level synergies.

Technology is art.

NeoWise VR - Vr Museum

H1: VR

H2: Design

H3: Art

H4: Tech

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  1. Matteo Roncaglio - Project Manager
  2. Marco De Luca - Project Manager
  3. Beatrice Uberti - Cultural Manager & Operator
  4. Davide Di Maria - Voice

Secure the Past. Build the Future

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